– Wednesdays –

‘ALOHA’ student session

 £1 Selected Drinks & shots

open 5pm til’ 2am

– Thursdays –

Hawaii 5.o

50% off Selected cocktails!

open 5pm til’ 2am

– Fridays –

DJ & Host ‘Magnum DJ’

Firing out the anthems &

Partial to tiki cocktails

– Saturdays –

Deejay ‘Dex Spinner’ the cheesy grinner!


Dancers Kimberley Clarke & Tanya Hyde!

Lost Property?

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Polly want a cracker?

Get in touch and organise your own hullabaloo. Send us a good old fashioned message using this here special form we made using a grand father clock and some string whilst Maroon 5’d on a small island near Honolulu. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, although our messages are sent written on small bits of paper and sent across the ocean in glass bottles, so please be patient!

Opening giveaways!

You could win a FREE booth for up to 8 friends just by Emailing Ellie ellie@tokyoindustries.com ! What have you got to lose by trying? *Subject to availability & only when confirmed with Ellie*